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Our Fillmore Jackets are trendy winter jackets that can be worn when it’s cold and during all types of weather. That means it’s perfect for layering when it is cold outside, and also for when it’s warm and rainy. In short, this jacket is just perfect, period!

Quality Style & Materials

Large zippered pockets keep your valuables safe and secure during any kind of outdoor activity. Keep your jacket closed tightly with the front zipper, or use the stylish snaps for a quick close that is easy to undo. Never fear having the small of your back or your belly exposed in cool weather, as this trendy winter jacket is long enough to cover your waist against the elements.

The Fillmore Jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large, making it a perfect fit for young adults and up. Its collared style with snaps and zippers is a classic fashion trend that looks good on women of all ages and backgrounds. This trendy winter jacket is made from 100% nylon in the shell and 100% polyester in the lining. Because it is treated for all weather conditions, the Fillmore Jacket is an excellent choice for misty, rainy, or snowy conditions. Keep the moisture out and the warmth within while looking fashionable. The jacket should be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on the lowest heat setting.

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