It goes without saying that taking your kids on a camping or hiking trip is far better than handing them an iPad to play on while sitting on the couch. Trips to different places, whether it’s somewhere coastal or mountainous, do wonders for your child’s perspective on life and overall childhood experiences. However, if you’re a family set on taking your outdoor adventures to the next level, proper kids’ hiking gear is essential! Shop for water bottles, bottoms, and tops right here.

Show Your Children the Magic of Nature

We take nature for granted, without a doubt, so taking your kids on a camping trip will give them the opportunity to fully appreciate what nature has to offer. Irrespective of age or culture, human beings quite simply find nature and all its elements quite pleasing. Taking your child camping or on a hike is hugely beneficial to them not just so they are outside instead of in the classroom, but also because they might benefit from the increased ability to focus while they explore features of their surroundings such as plants, water, and wildlife. The fresh air is also a huge help!

Get the Little Ones Kitted

Our range of kids’ outdoor clothing will make them feel super important and included in your next family weekend away or holiday adventure. Find a full range of kids’ hiking gear at Escape Outdoors, from backpacks and hats to warm bottoms and tops. Because all the products we offer are of the best quality available, their outdoor clothing wardrobe will last for many trips to come. Give them the best protection and comfort with our selection of clothing.

If you have any questions about our kids’ hiking gear, our friendly team will be happy to help. Remember that you get free shipping on all apparel orders over $50, so make the most of it!