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Are you ready to explore the road less traveled? You’re in luck because a gravel bike is designed to take you there! Gravel bikes, also known as adventure bikes, get their names because they can hold more gear, have wider tires, and possess an increased gear range. These features mean you can ride on surfaces ordinary road bikes would struggle with.

When you need a robust bike that can tackle a variety of surfaces, Scott bikes can’t be beaten. These durable, comfortable bicycles are often called the best all-terrain bicycle, and for good reason.

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Take the Speedster Gravel 10 2019. This offering from Scott’s gravel bikes has rugged Schwalbe G-One tires and is built with endurance geometry in mind. It’s aluminum frame and high-end components mean it’s ready to tackle whatever path you want to throw at it. Plus, the hydraulic disc brakes mean when you need to take it slow, this bike won’t let you down.

The best all-terrain bicycle is one that’s designed for stability and comfort. Gravel bikes’ head tubes are longer than most other bikes, giving the rider a slightly more upright position. This provides greater comfort on adventures and better visibility during commuting.

When you’re ready to forge your own path, Scott gravel bikes will have your back. Trust these quality bikes to navigate even the trickiest terrain.

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