Men’s Trail Runners

You’re on the trail, feeling the breeze and the sun on your skin. Your rhythm is perfect until the toe of your shoe catches on something. Looking down, you can see the sole is separating from the canvas. Again. Isn’t this the third pair of shoes in the last year?

Say goodbye to the days of shoes that wear down too quickly, don’t support you, or don’t give you the push-off you need. Our collection of men’s trail runners are rugged and ready for anything.

Offering the Best Brands

We’re proud to offer a selection of men’s all-terrain running shoes from the expert shoe creators at On Running. On Running carefully crafts every single pair of shoes they make to support you during your runs.

The soles of their Cloudventure line have multiple styles of grip so you stay in control on the trail. Stay secure on slippery surfaces! Their patented foam provides lightweight cushioning so downhills are a breeze. Plus, the two-layer upper mesh gives you optimal ventilation. These men’s all-terrain running shoes are flexible, so they bend with you on uneven ground.

On Running’s Cloudultra line maintains this high quality. These men’s trail runners are the perfect combination of durable, lightweight, and responsive. The channels in the grip are a bit shallower than other trail shoes, meaning they’re better at shedding mud and rocks.

One of the best features? A small plastic clip at the base of the lacing means you can flip it open to release a few millimeters of pressure across the wide part of your forefoot. Super handy on long runs when your feet swell a bit.

Escape on Your Next Adventure

Shop Escape Outdoor’s collection of men’s trail runners to prepare for your next adventure. Don’t forget you get free shipping on orders over $50. Follow us on social media to show us where you run!