Road Bikes

Road Bike Gear

At Escape Outdoors, we know there’s nothing quite like strapping on your helmet and getting on your road bike. Whether you use your bike for an eco-friendly commute, exercise, just plain fun, or a combination of the three, we have the road cycling gear you need to make every trip memorable.

Ready to upgrade your bike? Check out our Scott road bikes for sale! Our personal favorite is the Speedster 20 Disc 2019. With a disc alloy frame and 20 speeds, you can tackle any hill on any road you choose with ease. The bright red frame is eye-catching and sure to turn heads. Pair this beautiful bike with our road bike gear for a cycling experience you’ll love.

Those who adore the Scott Speedster say it’s got a comfortable ride for long distances and good endurance positioning without being too laid back. The extra-wide tires make for a smooth ride over any surface, including bumpy roads. Snag some comfortable road cycling gear and you’re on your way.

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Whether you’re a biking aficionado or just dipping your toes into the world, Escape Outdoors has the road bike gear to get you up to speed. Explore our collection and don’t forget about the free shipping on orders over $50. Get your adventure on with us today!

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