Recreation Kayaks

Calling all paddlers! Escape Outdoors is delighted to present you with our collection of recreational kayaks for sale. These beautiful boats are ready to take you out on your favorite body of water for a relaxing day in nature.

What is a Recreational Kayak?

If you’re new to the sport, you may be wondering what a recreational watercraft is. Aren’t all kayaks designed for one reason—to travel across the water? Yes and no.

A rec kayak is specifically designed for calm water. We mean little to no waves, currents, or strong winds. It’s generally shorter and wider than other boats, like touring kayaks. This shorter length means they’re slower, but the width makes them more stable.

If you’re looking for recreational kayaks for sale, make sure you have the appropriate body of water in mind. These boats are not for tackling rapids or long distances. The shorter length also reduces their ability to paddle a straight line. Combined with their heavier weight means these boats aren’t ideal for extended adventures.

However, these sleek kayaks are perfect for a relaxing day on a lake or slow-moving stream. The enhanced stability means if you want to take pictures or fish in these recreational watercrafts, you’re less likely to have to contend with rocking. They also typically come with a larger cabin for greater comfort.

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When you’re ready to get out on the water, find your perfect rec kayak with us. From Perception to Dagger to Wilderness Systems, we have the biggest names in the business.

Oh, and don’t forget your accessories! Dry bags are perfect for keeping your stuff safe from the water. Plus life jackets and helmets are absolutely essential for safety.

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