Women’s Outdoor Sandals

Imagine it: the sun is bright and warm. There’s a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. You’re geared up and ready for a relaxing walk on your favorite path. There’s a comfortable yet durable pair of trail sandals on your feet, ready to take you on this adventure.

Sounds pretty great, right? We think so, too! That’s why we’re delighted to offer our collection of outdoor shoes for women. Don’t let the summer pass you by without slipping on a pair of these shoes and tackling your favorite trail or park.

Versatile and Durable

The best part about women’s outdoor sandals is how versatile they are. Our Flipjacks are perfect for running errands around town or keeping by the door for those quick trips outside and back.

Our Chillos Slides are perfect for a laid-back adventure. Don them to wear around the campfire or pool. They’re ultra-light so they’re ideal to pack up and take with you. These sandals have arch support and blown-EVA construction. They not only float in water, but they’re super comfortable. Slip into them after a grueling hike or post-workout—your feet will thank you!

No collection of women’s outdoor sandals would be complete without a solid pair of trail sandals. Whether you choose the Chillos Sport or the Z1 Classic, these shoes are ready for anything.

The Chillos Sport boasts the same comfort as the Slides, but with the added security of a footstrap. The Z1s are a simple, timeless sandal design. Plus, the footbed is podiatrist-certified for all-day comfort and support. Tackle the toughest summer trail with these sandals.

Escape With Us

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