Men's Jackets & Shells

You love to get outside and explore, but you need quality protection from the elements. Don’t leave home without your men’s outdoor jacket! When you need to brave rain, cold, or perhaps both, our men’s camping jackets will literally have your back.

We’re proud to offer big-name brands like Patagonia and The North Face. These brands have been around for decades, meaning they really know their stuff. Patagonia was founded by rock climbers and adventurers. They’ve been consistently shaping the world of outdoor sports for the better since they began.

The North Face is no exception. Founded by a pair of hiking enthusiasts, they’re committed to serving explorers and helping conserve the wilds. You can’t go wrong when you purchase a men’s outdoor jacket from either brand.

Wear these jackets hiking, camping, skiing, or wherever else your adventures take you. We have to say, though, we’re particularly fond of our men’s camping jackets. There’s just nothing quite like sleeping under the stars, huddling around a campfire, and unplugging for a while.

But no matter where you want to explore, our jackets and shells will keep you warm and dry. Layer a hoodie underneath a puff jacket or stay dry in a raincoat. Get comfortable in a stretchy or thermal layer. Pair your new men’s outdoor jacket with a warm pair of pants and quality shoes and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever nature throws at you.

Get Your Adventure On

Shop Escape Outdoors to prepare for all your outside activities. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a frequent camper, or something else, we’re here to help you enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors.

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