Stainless Steel Hydroflasks

Hydroflask is a big name in hiking water containers, and for good reason. They’re every adventurer’s favorite companion, whether you prefer biking, surfing, camping, or another outdoor activity.

Insulated Hydroflasks

Our collection of insulated Hydroflasks will keep your beverage of choice piping hot or icy cold for hours. With a variety of styles and sizes, you’re just a few clicks away from finding your perfect drinking companion to go with you on your next outdoor journey.

Perhaps you’re a hiker who needs chilled water to keep you going on the trail. A 32-ounce, stainless steel Hydroflask with a wide mouth will keep you hydrated for hours. It’s lightweight, so even full, it won’t add excess strain to your pack. It fits most backcountry hydration filters so you can have pure, fresh water on your hike. Choose from three sleek colors and get ready for crisp, cold water for a full 24 hours.

If you need a smaller bottle, the 21-ounce standard mouth with flex cap option is perfect for you. With all the same benefits of Hydroflask’s hiking water containers, you can take this versatile bottle with you everywhere. It’s compatible with the standard mouth insulated sport cap for flexibility and style.


No stainless steel Hydroflask is complete without accessories. Whether you want to change out your flex cap for a straw lid or have a laid-back hike with a wine lid, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget the straw and lid cleaning set to keep your insulated Hydroflask clean and to have all your beverages taste their best. We know you’ll use your Hydroflask every day, so don’t forget to clean it regularly to keep its durability going strong.

What are you waiting for? Snag your Hydroflask from Shop Escape Outdoors today!