Men’s Shoes

You can’t go on an adventure without the proper footwear and our men’s outdoor shoes are the answer. These durable, comfortable trekking shoes for men are up to any terrain you try to throw at them. Take them hiking, camping, backpacking—anywhere you want to escape.

We’re proud to offer big-name brands like On Running. On Running has revolutionized the world of outdoor shoes. They specialize in soft landings and explosive take-offs. Their signature shoes are exquisitely crafted and spare no detail.

Whether you’re a runner or not, you’re going to love these shoes. Choose a pair with extra grip for a better hold on a rocky mountainside. Opt for a waterproof set of men’s outdoor shoes to fend off rain or splash through streams. Lightweight yet tough, these shoes are suitable for any excursion.

At Escape Outdoors, we know you need clothing that’s as tough as you are. That’s why we curated this collection of trekking shoes for men. Gone are the days of buying a new pair of shoes every few weeks because they tear or the lining gets ruined. On Running’s durable shoes are designed to last.

Explore our products and get inspired to go on your next adventure. No matter where you’re going, these shoes will take you there.

Escape with Us

Once you’ve secured your new men’s outdoor shoes, take a look at our pants and jackets to put together an outfit that can withstand the elements. Pack up your gear and get ready to head out the door!

As you’re exploring our website, remember that you get free shipping on all orders over $50. If you have any questions at all about our products or want to know the best outdoor spots nearby, we’re here. Get in touch with us!