Knives & Multitools

Camping Multitools & Knives

You can’t take on an expedition in the great outdoors without a sharp, capable camping multitool or pocket knife! You never know what might happen on your next escape to the wilderness, so expect the unexpected with these high-quality, reliable tools.

What To Look For When Buying Pocket Knives

There are tons of pocket knives out there, so how do you know which functions you’ll need? Here’s a brief overview of how to select the perfect blade for your needs:

  • A variety of tools to expect the unexpected. If you’re going into the wilderness, you never know if a critical piece of machinery might break. Your camping multitools should come with tools like screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, tweezers, and bottle openers.
  • A sharp, capable blade. Our versatile knives and multitools all have excellent blades, but if you’re planning on practicing survivalism or frequently cutting through tough objects like ropes, you’ll need to buy a pocket knife with a larger blade.
  • Sturdy construction. Multitools are a great gift and a great investment — you don’t want them breaking on you. Tools from Escape Outdoors are guaranteed to stand the test of time and hold up to any camping trip.

Why Shop Escape Outdoors for Camping Multitools

We’re Augusta, Georgia’s prime destination for outdoor apparel and gear. Since 2010, our community of adventure-seekers have relied on us for tough, reliable gear that gets the job done — and looks great!

These camping multitools make fantastic gifts for outdoor lovers, explorers, and camping enthusiasts, and our products are sure to last for many years to come. You can always count on the quality you find at Escape Outdoors.

When you’re buying online, don’t forget that you’ll get free shipping on orders of $50 or more!