Hydration Packs

Adventuring is bound to make you thirsty. Stay hydrated with a convenient hiking hydration pack! Gone are the days of stopping your hike, taking off your pack, and rooting around for a water bottle. Now you can simply drink water directly from your pack and stay on the go.

Take your new water bladder camping and enjoy convenient access to H20. Hydration bladders are designed to be soft and flexible, taking up no space inside your pack but rather going around your waist or fitting between the frame and fabric of the backpack. Hiking and camping got so much easier with these nifty devices.

Possibly our favorite hiking hydration pack is Nine Trails West. This Patagonia hydration pack holds 1.5 liters of water so you’re set for at least a solid two-hour hike. It’s ultra-comfortable and designed for breathability. Plus it comes with a CORDURA nylon ripstop so you don’t have to worry about it giving out after just a few uses.

Whatever type of camping you do, your water bladder will be by your side for years to come. Whether you’re a day hiker who just needs enough for one trip or a backpacker who wants to explore the wilderness for days, hiking hydration packs are the way to go.

Don’t Stay Thirsty, Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself safe and hydrated on the trails and shop Escape Outdoors’ collection of packs today. Don’t forget you get free shipping on orders over $10 in the US.

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