Disc Golf

Uncover disc golf discs for sale, along with helpful accessories that will take your game to the next level. Stock up on discs that get you excited about the game and speak to your personality. You’ll play ten times better when you have your own gear! Escape Outdoors has an assortment of discs and disc golf accessories that will ramp up your competitive streak and ensure that you kill it on the course every time you play. Take a look at what we have on offer and stock up before your next round of disc golf.

One-of-a-Kind Discs

We have hundreds of disc golf discs for sale, making it easy to find a disc – or discs – that matches your personality, your sense of competition, and your team spirit. Discover discs that are built for distance and discs that are made for speed. Not only can you pick out your favorite colors, but you can also choose eye-catching designs that will help you recognize your discs on the course.

Pre-Seasoned Discs

Not only do we have the newest discs on the market, we also have some of the oldest. Our used discs trade-in program brings in discs you won't find anywhere else! Bring in some discs you are to fond of and we'll give you in-store credit so you get the discs you need to sharpen up your game and lower your scores.

Make It Mini

Make your mark and remember where it is with the help of mini marker discs. No more arguing on the course about where your disc fell! Select a mini marker based on bright colors or can’t-miss designs, such as a surreal intergalactic pattern.

Additional Accessories

Need disc golf accessories? We have everything you need to guarantee a winning game. Shop for a sporty backpack that will improve your game. Look for bags that will hold all of your discs, along with water and snacks for much-needed hydration and fuel.

Find disc golf discs for sale and more at Escape Outdoors. Get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with!