The only thing better than a hammock is a hammock sleeping bag. Imagine sleeping beneath the star-spangled sky, securely enclosed in a hammock that gently sways with the warm nighttime breeze — sounds like a slice of paradise, doesn’t it? It’s not a pipe dream, though. All you need is a lightweight hammock from Escape. You can while away a few hours in the afternoon as you snooze or stare at the clouds, or you can take your next camping experience to a more magical level.

The Perfect Hammock

Hammocks have come a long way. Technically speaking, they’re still a swatch of fabric secured between two trees or poles. However, now you can find sturdy, durable hammocks that make you feel cozy, safe, and secure.

That goes double for hammock sleeping bags while allowing you to fall asleep beneath the wide-open sky without getting cold – or falling out of bed. Not only can you wrap up with your hammock to stay warm, but you’ll remain steady all night. Reinforcements ensure that you won’t turn over and fall to the ground.

Best of all, you can find a lightweight hammock at Escape. Light hammocks are easy to transport, even if you simply want to bring your hammock to a beach or a park for the day. Your hammock won’t take up a ton of room in your car, truck, or SUV when you pack up for camping, either. Find a hammock that you can set up easily so that you can rock to your heart’s content as quickly as possible.

Discover a wide selection of hammock sleeping bags and lightweight hammocks at Escape.