On Running

On Running

On Running is a big name in sneakers, hiking shoes, and more. Originally from Switzerland, the brand started with three friends who set out to forever change the world of running. They wanted to design shoes that combined soft landings with springing take-offs, and they succeeded.

On Running Sneakers

Their Cloud Swift offering is the ultimate in lightweight, cushioned comfort for runners. Padded with Helion™ super foam and a curved heel, these sneakers are designed specifically for runners.

The strategically placed mesh allows airflow and an elastic strap keeps your laces out of the way, so you don’t have anything to worry about besides how fast you can go. Plus, the traction on the bottom provides a superior grip on wet roads.

For everyday exceptional performance, check out On Running’s sneaker option called the Cloud. Designed for active people on the go, On Running’s proprietary technology effortlessly transforms the energy you land with into forward motion, so your walks and runs are smooth and easy. Soft fabrics coupled with antimicrobial mesh will make this sneaker your new favorite choice for errands, runs, and more.

On Running Hiking Shoes

If you’re more into exploring the great outdoors, our women’s and men’s Cloudrock waterproof hiking boots are here to answer the call. Designed for speed-hiking, these boots are not for the faint of heart.

Lightweight with unbeatable traction that bites into the most difficult trail, you won’t find a quality hiking boot like this anywhere else. Wind and waterproof mesh on the sides means you’re protected on even the messiest hikes.

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