Women's Bottoms

When you’re planning your next outdoor adventure, quality tops are only half the battle. You need a solid pair (or two!) of women’s trekking shorts to ensure your hike is a success!

What are “trekking” shorts? We’re glad you asked! These shorts are designed with hiking and camping in mind. Generally speaking, you don’t want to participate in outdoor activities wearing denim or cotton. These materials hold onto sweat, meaning you stay wet in hot temperatures and get chilly in cold ones.

Trekking shorts are lightweight women’s outdoor bottoms designed with moisture-wicking fabrics. They’re breathable and keep you dry. Sometimes they also have a slightly longer inseam for greater comfort on the trail.

As a bonus, if you’re really lucky, your women’s trekking shorts also come with a few pockets to stash your stuff (if your shorts don’t have pockets, fear not, we have packs to help.)

Whether your hike is rigorous and ends in a campsite or is a gentle stroll through nature, a solid pair of shorts will be your new best friend. Stay comfortable no matter how long or how hard you’re on the trail. Pair them with a solid pair of hiking shoes for the ultimate experience.

Our collection of women’s outdoor bottoms also includes stretchy, elastic-waist pants. These pants are classy enough to dress up for work or versatile enough to dress down for errands.

Get Your Adventure On

Whether you need women’s trekking shorts or Patagonia’s longer, midweight pants, get your adventure on with Escape Outdoors. We have the bottoms you need to tackle every new challenge in comfort and style.

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