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There’s nothing quite like paddling gently across a serene lake or river in your very own kayak. At Escape, we love camping and kayaking as much as the next person. That’s why we put together our extensive collection of kayak supplies from the biggest names in the business.

Find your new favorite outdoor kayak with us. Whether you prefer relaxing rides or love the challenge that whitewater brings, we have the boat you need. Tackle rivers, lakes, or the ocean in our stable kayaks.

We’re proud to offer three different brands of Confluence Outdoor kayaks and accessories, including Perception. This company has been in the business of supplying quality boats and tools to their shoppers for decades. Suitable for kayakers of all experience levels, we have a variety of Perception kayaks available. Pair their sturdy boats with kayak supplies like a saddlebag or splash crate to carry your belongings.

In addition to Perception, we offer Wilderness Systems and Dagger kayaks. From new paddlers to experienced water navigators, these kayaks are sleek and safe. Take these beautiful boats camping and kayaking for a truly memorable experience. Durable, innovative, and versatile, you’ll love getting on the water in these kayaks.

Pair your new outdoor kayak with essential accessories. Stash your stuff in a dry bag or keep your phone safe in a flex case. Balance your beverage in a cup or tell your fellow kayakers where you are with a tornado whistle. However you navigate the water, keep these kayak supplies close for smooth sailing.

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We know you’ll enjoy your new kayak and accessories as much as we do! Don’t forget, you get free shipping on orders over $50. Please remember all kayak purchases must be picked up in-store.

Got questions? Get in touch with us! We’re happy to help you find the perfect outdoor supplies for your next adventure.