Bicycle Maintenance

You’ve got your safety gear, accessories, and comfortable riding outfit. Now keep your bike running as long as possible with our maintenance line of products.

Every bike needs regular maintenance to continue performing at optimal levels. Check your tires for proper air pressure with a pressure gauge for the most accurate reading. Polish up the body and keep it clean with a degreaser for those chains and gears.

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Don’t forget the bike lubricant! One of the key ways to prolong the life of your bike is with proper lubrication. Once your bike is squeaky clean, don’t skip this essential bicycle maintenance step. Apply a bike-specific lubricant like Park Tool’s CL-1 chain lube. This lube works well in wet or dry conditions to keep that chain running smoothly.

Also, keep an eye on your brakes. Avoid discovering you should’ve bought replacement bicycle brake pads by careening out of control down a hill. Regularly check your brake pads and when they wear down, get your bike a new set.

Make sure your wheels are true and get your saddle perfect for consistently wonderful rides. After all, your bike is more than just a bike—it’s your ticket to adventure. Take care of it like you would a car and it will take you where you want to go.

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Whether you need bike lubricant or replacement bicycle brake pads, we have the essential bicycle maintenance products you need. Your bike will last you for years to come with these regular tips and tricks.

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