Scott Sports

SCOTT is a prolific name in the sports world, and for good reason. The company was founded by innovators who consistently shake up the industry with new ideas and products. Escape Outdoors is proud to offer a collection of SCOTT accessories to elevate your riding game.

This brand has developed equipment that’s helped athletes set records for decades. From developing the first-ever motocross-specific goggles to an aerodynamic handlebar used in the 1989 Tour de France win, SCOTT is synonymous with success.

Find your new favorite SCOTT sports bike from Escape Outdoors. No matter where you ride, we have a bike to match. If you love tackling the roughest trails, SCOTT’s Spark line is perfect for you. If you prefer to hit the paved roads, check out their Speedsters. SCOTT’s wide variety means they have the perfect product for every cyclist.

Pair your new bike with SCOTT accessories like a quality, sturdy helmet. Protect your head with their aerodynamic Groove, Vivo, or Supra options. With polycarbonate micro shells and a patented MIPS® Brain Protection System, you’ll stay safe and stylish everywhere you ride.

Don’t forget your hydration pack or possibly a set of custom pedals to completely match your new SCOTT sports bike to your lifestyle. Now go out and get riding!

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