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Once you’ve found the perfect bike for you, you’re only halfway done. You need comfortable, stylish biking clothes for men and women before you can get riding. From top to bottom, Escape Outdoors has what you’re looking for so you can get on the road faster.

4 products

4 products

Women’s Biking Clothes

Looking for Patagonia bike shorts? Who isn’t? Patagonia is famous for their quality and their comfort. They provide the ultimate in breathable bike shorts so you stay cool and dry as you ride.

Pair your new shorts with a moisture-wicking tee so you can forget about sweat and focus on your ride. Oh, and don’t forget a solid pair of shoes! You can pull your entire look together with our collection of On Running shoes.

Men’s Biking Clothes

Never fear, men, we have Patagonia bike shorts for you too. Available in a variety of colors and lengths, you’re practically guaranteed to find what you need with Escape Outdoors. With a slightly looser fit than their women’s designs, you still get the ultimate balance of comfort and protection that Patagonia is famous for.

Match your new shorts with a breathable tank to take your ride to the next level. Or, for when you’re riding and it’s cold out, we have the hoodies and pullovers to keep you warm. Finish off your biking outfit with a solid pair of sneakers and get ready to ride.

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